Star Wars Black Series- HasCon Exclusive Captain Rex


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As the Clone leader of the 501st Legion, Clone Captain Rex (CT-7567) took orders from Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano in his service to the Republic during the Clone Wars, throughout a number of dangerous missions. Like most Clones for the Republic, he was trained to be a soldier from birth: however, Rex took his responsibility personally, always completing his missions and considering his military service to be a great honour.

Rex, among a small number of other clones, was able to deactivate his control chip and avoid the slaughter of Order 66, living in exile until being recruited by the Phoenix Squad to fight the Empire.

This exclusive figure comes with a beautiful sleeve-style case, allowing you to display the figure in all its glory without removing it from the box.


6 Inch


Clone Trooper


New & Sealed


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