Star Wars Black Series – Luke Skywalker – Bespin #11 (Orange Wave 2014)


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One of the original line of Orange Wave figures, this Bespin variant of Luke Skywalker is a great figure, and very hard to find now.

Released in 2014. This copy is brand new and still sealed.

Here’s what JediBusiness had to say about it;

  • This six inch scale Luke Skywalker was released individually boxed
  • Luke came with a blaster and a lightsaber (the blue translucent blade is removable)
  • The belt is its own piece but it’s not intended to be removed
  • The blaster is a fantastic fit for the holster
  • Luke is able to hold the blaster well with both hands
  • The non-ignited lightsaber hilt can be hung from a hook on the belt – which looks fantastic!
  • The figure can grab the lightsaber very well with both hands
  • There are no removable parts on the outfit
  • Luke’s right hand is not removable – so a display with Luke after Vader cut his arm off is not doable
  • Hasbro painted Luke nicely with lots of dirt on the outfit – it’s just enough to not distract from the figure
  • They even weathered the holster – which is a nice added detail which rounds out the figure’s appearance well
  • The joints feel nicely stiff and Luke keeps his balance well even in very dynamic poses
  • Hasbro managed to hide the figure’s joints very well and the figure looks beautiful on display
  • It’s easy to recommend this version of Luke – it’s an overall well done figure – thanks Hasbro!

6 Inch


Jedi, Rebellion


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