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Hello there! I'm Ben, owner of the Jedi Archives.

I started the Jedi Archives to make all aspects of collecting anything Star Wars as accessible, easy and fun as possible, We've introduced some cool ways to help, from our interest-free payment plan that helps you buy those more expensive items without needing credit, or our rewards system which gives our regular customers discounts off future orders.

Most importantly, it's because I'm a massive Star Wars fan! Which can be equally tough as I'm constantly surrounded by temptation!

The Jedi Archives is driven by our focus on giving you a great experience and we pride ourselves on our reviews but also the great customer base, that has grown with us over the last few years, we've been lucky enough to get to know.

Making a positive impact is another priority for us, which is why we partnered with Ecologi, amongst other changes, to help reduce our carbon footprint and bring about small changes with each order.

We are a family-run business so each new customer and each order is just as important as the last and we are hugely grateful of your support.

If you get in touch on our social pages then it's me you'll be talking to so feel free to say hi!

Oh and of course, may the Force be with you!

Why us?

The Jedi Archives started because we felt we could find more flexible and accessible ways for those looking to add to existing or start new collections. We wanted a safe, reliable place where collectors can buy from collectors who share their passion for all things Star Wars. Most importantly, we want you to be sure that you enjoy it! We offer transparency and fairness to make sure that you are confident in using us to add to your collection.

Our mission is to make collecting Star Wars collectables as easy, accessible and fair to all of our customers.

As Collectors

Where to start? Well, we’ve been Star Wars fans since childhood and if anything we’ve become even bigger children as the years have gone on, rather than doing grown up things!

Our collection started with just a couple of figures, bought on a whim, this was just the opening of a huge can of worms! The office quickly became a glorified display cabinet with miniatures, actions figures, Lego starships and more with actual working space disappearing beneath the ever expanding collection.

Being collectors ourselves, we’ve spent hours searching, buying and trying different display options, stands, lighting and storage so we’ve got a good idea of what works, which we can offer to you.

We hope you find what you are looking for and look forward to helping you grow your collections!

For Collectors, By Collectors

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