Unlike the Star Wars universe we all love, we only have one planet to live on and we are committed to making changes to help protect this ball of rock as best we can.

Below you can see the changes we've made to help.

Offsetting our Carbon Footprint

We’ve partnered with Ecologi to help reduce the impact we have on the environment. Each month they plant enough trees to remove the carbon that we produce in an average month (plus some to make sure we are covered).

Every one of our staff members will become climate positive. This means we’ll be offsetting their entire carbon footprint, including emissions from their home, personal travel, holidays, food, hobbies and more.

Each month, on our behalf, Ecologi will be planting native and diverse trees in Madagascar, Mozambique or Nicaragua. The planting projects, carried out by Ecologi’s partners Eden Reforestation, help to support communities and reduce poverty by employing local workers.

You can check out our progress here


Planting Trees With Each Order

Alongside reducing our own carbon footprint, we’ll also be  planting a tree for every order over £30. Plastic is a necessity in many of the items we all collect and something we can’t avoid but we can give a little back.

For every order over £30 we’ll be planting a tree through Ecologi, which will be updated every month with your name so you can see how your orders go towards helping protect the planet we live on. These are updated at the start of the month so please take a look and see if you can spot your tree!

For our Hot Toys customers, we’ll be planting 10 trees for every order!

You can check out our progress here


We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi

Eliminating Plastic Packaging

Every Jedi knows how important balance is. Only Sith deal in ultimatums.

In the past, we’ve used masses of bubble-wrap, plastic bags, tape and polystyrene – most of which just ends up in the bin and ultimately in the ground.

Well, we wanted to do something about it so we’ve gradually been making the switch to recyclable and sustainable packaging options. As of January 2021, we will no longer be purchasing any plastic packaging items and as of June 2021, we aim to have removed all non-sustainable packing from our shipments.

We can’t do much about the plastic figures, or packaging used by manufacturers but we can do our bit.

What will this change for you?

You’ll start to see us replacing our plastic bubble wrap with paper, plastic tape with paper and plastic bags with biodegradable versions.

We’ll still make sure your items are packed safely and securely so they arrive in top condition. We’ll continue to re-use packing send from our suppliers where possible but we won’t be adding more fuel to the fire!