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Prepare for an epic journey into the world of the Jedi by equipping yourself with the Star Wars: The Mandalorian Ahsoka Tano Shaped Mug! This remarkable mug pays homage to the legendary Ahsoka Tano, showcasing a captivating Ahsoka portrait on the front and her iconic emblem on the rear. With its pristine white base and vibrant green and pink design accents, this mug is nothing short of a masterpiece.

But that’s not all! The mug’s handle has been carefully crafted to resemble Ahsoka’s distinctive headpiece, giving each sip the sensation of channeling the Force itself. It’s the ideal way to infuse a touch of the Star Wars universe into your daily coffee or tea ritual.

  • Base color: Resplendent white, reminiscent of the purest Kyber crystals.
  • Design colors: Dynamic green and pink, encapsulating the energy and spirit of Ahsoka.
  • Showcases a captivating Ahsoka portrait on the front, a testament to her heroic journey.
  • Features Ahsoka’s emblem on the back, a symbol of her indomitable spirit.
  • Sip like a Jedi with the handle, meticulously shaped to mirror Ahsoka’s headpiece, a true treasure for collectors.
  • A must-have for all Star Wars enthusiasts, particularly those who admire the wisdom and fortitude of Ahsoka Tano.
  • The perfect gift for any Jedi, young padawan, or champion of the light side.
  • Unleash the Force within you as you cradle this mug, establishing a profound connection to the Star Wars universe.
  • 500ml capacity



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