Kill Team : Shadowvaults

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Kill Team: Shadowvaults expands the close-quarters experience started in Into the Dark, adding new elements to the killzone like sentry turrets, equipment stashes, and ancient robots. Nine new missions make full use of the new pieces – including lightning raids, covert assaults, and desperate defences inside valuable vaults.

Together with the Gallowdark terrain found in Into the Dark, this set gives you enough walls and boards to play Boarding Action games of Warhammer 40,000 featured in the Arks of Omen books.

The Kasrkin are elite even by Cadia’s exceptional standards, and considered by many to be the finest human troops in the galaxy. This kit is packed with options, including gear never seen before in Kasrkin squads with armour-busting hotshot lasguns and oodles of special weapons to take down powerful foes – even heretic Space Marines.

Necron Hierotek Circles are commanded by a Cryptek, dispatched on special missions for their Overlords across the stars. They field small units of Deathmarks and Immortals for personal protection, while unravelling the mysteries of the galaxy alongside their faithful Apprenteks, Plasmacytes, and an upgraded Immortal Despotek.

Then there are the new terrain pieces, also currently only available in this set. These are interactive, and provide a whole new tactical dimension to your games. They include a heavy bolter sentry turret, a bomb, a robot crawler with a big old buzzsaw arm, and piles of equipment – with more to be revealed. What do they do? You’ll have to wait and see…



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