Warhammer 40,000: Leviathan (10th Edition)

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It’s here. The moment you’ve been waiting for. It’s time to open the lid on the jam-packed launch box for the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 – Leviathan.

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What’s in the Box?

As the name suggests, Leviathan is an absolutely gigantic box, packed to the brim with miniatures, books, and more. When you lift the lid, you’ll find stacks of sprues containing two armies full of gorgeous new miniatures. Beneath that, you’ll find the massive Leviathan book, the Chapter Approved Leviathan Mission Deck, and a construction booklet.

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The miniatures are divided into 25 elite, battle-hardened Space Marines* – the Imperium’s ultimate defenders against innumerable horrors – and a seething swarm of 47 ravenous Tyranids that desire nothing more than to consume all the biomass in the galaxy. Let’s take a closer look at each army.

The Space Marines are the Emperor’s Angels of Death, vengeful warriors who have sworn an oath to protect the beleaguered Imperium from all assailants. As the jaws of Hive Fleet Leviathan close on the Galactic West, they’ve got their work cut out for them, and are deploying new units to combat the Tyranid threat.

Captain in Terminator Armour


A storied and stalwart warrior protected by a sacred suit of Tactical Dreadnought armour, this Captain is a resilient commander who excels at leading Terminator strike forces deep into enemy lines.

Librarian in Terminator Armour


Librarians are the battle psykers of the Space Marines, smiting foes with bolts of witchfire and manipulating the empyrean to shield their allies. Encased in Terminator armour, he’s one of the most durable psykers available to Space Marine forces.

Apothecary Biologis


Understanding your enemy, no matter how vile, is the key to defeating them. Thanks to his mighty Gravis armour, the Apothecary Biologis can advance through withering enemy fire to take samples of enemy biomatter with his vivispectrum, turning his foes’ biology against them.

Lieutenant in Phobos Armour


Wielding a combi-weapon and two combat blades, this Phobos-armoured Lieutenant can infiltrate ahead of the main Space Marine force, sowing discord among his enemies and disrupting their battle lines.

Sternguard Veteran Squad


Renowned for their unerring proficiency with bolt weapons, Sternguard Veterans are fearsome combatants drawn from their Chapter’s 1st Company and issued with special ammunition designed to combat the Tyranid threat.

Terminator Squad


Terminators are the elite of the elite, veterans clad in hulking armour, wielding power fists, storm bolters, and devastating assault cannons. Beamed into the thick of the action with a teleport homer, few horrors in the galaxy can withstand their sledgehammer onslaught.

Infernus Squad


When you’re faced with innumerable hordes of xenos, an Infernus Squad is the perfect tool. Armed with Pyreblasters that spit gouts of incandescent flame, they purge their foes with fiery wrath.

Ballistus Dreadnought


The Ballistus Dreadnought is a fearsome weapons platform armed with a versatile missile launcher and a devastating lascannon, the perfect counter to heavily armoured enemy monsters and tanks.

Tyranids are a voracious alien swarm invading the galaxy from beyond the void. Guided by the Hive Mind, they have one terrible purpose – to devour every last shred of biomass, reconstituting it into even more powerful biomorphs and repeating the nightmarish cycle anew on the next world in their path.

Winged Tyranid Prime


The Winged Tyranid Prime is a hideous alpha-beast that combines strength with agility, swooping above the battlefield and identifying targets to descend upon and tear apart with razor-sharp talons.



Radiating ahead of every Tyranid hive fleet is the terrifying silence known as the Shadow in the Warp, a psychic phenomenon that blocks warp-based communication. During invasions, the Neurotyrant acts as a focusing node for this strange power, liquifying the minds of its prey as it orchestrates hordes of Tyranids to victory.



The living battering rams known as Carnifexes come in many shapes and sizes, but the Screamer-Killer is the most infamous adaptation – and the biggest. Named after the sinister howl emitted as it unleashes their bio-plasma blasts, Screamer-Killers are unstoppable shock creatures.

Von Ryan’s Leapers


Before the main hive fleet force lands, vanguard organisms like Von Ryan’s Leapers often embed themselves on the hive fleet’s target planet. These ambush-hunters lie in wait, avoiding detection until they can do as much damage as possible.



Huge shifting swarms of Termagants are the mainstay of many Tyranid invasion forces. Armed with ranged bio-organic weapons, these scuttling beasts rush forward to erode their enemy’s defences through sheer weight of numbers.



Neurogaunts are a variant strain of gaunt, that share a symbiotic relationship with the parasitic neurocytes that cling to their backs. Their primary purpose is to protect the powerful synapse creatures that coordinate the Tyranid invasion, and they will sacrifice themselves in droves to fulfil this task.



A strange fusion of gaunt, bio-cannon, and a ganglio-parasite that enslaves the two, Barbgaunts are living ordnance that shower targets with projectiles that explode into shards of serrated chitin.



The Hive Mind has imbued this particular biomorph with a hunger for enemy psykers, its digestive tract somehow able to metabolise psychic lifeforms into psychocorrosive ash, which it projects forward in blistering torrents.

While you can deploy both armies in full to play a brutal but balanced game of Warhammer 40,000, the box also contains more than enough models to form two full Combat Patrols that will let you play this new, faster-paced game format right out of the box.

What Else is in the Box?

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Warhammer 40,000: Leviathan is a weighty tome packed with lore, rules, artwork, and stunning photography of models. This book covers the core of the hobby, background information for Warhammer 40,000, information about every faction, and a gorgeous showcase of beautifully painted miniatures.


On top of that, you’ll get the core rules for Warhammer 40,000, and the rules – as well as specially designed missions – for the new Combat Patrol game format. You’ll also find a full complement of Crusade rules to get your narrative campaigns up and running ahead of Codex releases, and a full Crusade expansion that delves into the story of the Fourth Tyrannic War through a series of linked campaign games.

What about the missions? There’s a 66-card Chapter Approved deck in the box which combines the best Matched Play options from previous editions, which is designed to provide the best and most flexible mission experience for everyone from the most casual players right up to the most competitive.

On top of this, you’ll also find a construction booklet to help you build your miniatures and a decal sheet for the Space Marine force.

7The Warhammer 40,000 Roadmap

Leviathan is just the beginning for the new edition of Warhammer 40,000. There’ll be a brisk pace of releases following hot on the heals of the launch set.

40k Roadmap

You won’t even have to wait for your Codex to start playing! Every single faction is getting a complete set of Index Cards with datacards for each unit that’s currently available, as well as their own Detachment rules, Stratagems, and Enhancements. These will be available to download online for free from day one, while they’ll also become available in the app. You’ll be able to buy inexpensive physical copies at the same time.


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