Vallejo – European Mud Texture (200ml)


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Vallejo Texture Acrylics are a specific line of their acrylic products designed to add various textures and effects to your miniatures and dioramas. These paints are formulated with specific additives and binders that create unique textures when applied to different surfaces.

  • Texture variety: Vallejo Texture Acrylics come in various textures, such as sandy, gritty, stony, earthy, and more. Each type of texture provides a different look and feel to your miniatures.
  • Versatility: These acrylic paints are highly versatile and can be applied to multiple surfaces, including canvas, wood, metal, plastic, and more.
  • Water-based: Like most acrylic paints, Vallejo Texture Acrylics are water-based, making them easy to clean up with water and non-toxic compared to oil-based alternatives.
  • Quick drying: They dry relatively quickly, allowing you to build up layers or add additional details without waiting for extended periods.
  • Mixing: You can mix these texture acrylics with other acrylic paints to create custom textures and colors, giving you more realistic bases.
  • Application: You can apply the Vallejo Texture Acrylics with a palette knife, brush, or other texture tools to achieve different effects and patterns.





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