Star Wars Black Series – Carnor Jax (Star Wars: Crimson Empire)

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Update from Hasbro;

Please be aware that this character was mislabelled Carnor Jax on packaging when it is in fact Kir Kanos. We apologize for the oversight and want to assure you that we are constantly refining our processes to provide our fans with the high quality, accurate figures they expect from us.”

A student of the dark side and a rising Sith Lord, Carnor Jax was first introduced in 1997’s Star Wars: Crimson Empire comic miniseries, written by Mike Richardson and Randy Stradley with art by Paul Gulacy. With an intimidating look based on the classic Imperial guard from Return of the Jedi, Jax’s outfit features salient details, including a purple cape lining. “I wasn’t familiar with the Crimson Empire comic book series until I started working at Lucasfilm, and if memory serves I did shepherd it through the end of its run,” Heddle says. “I was a big fan of the series. The very concept of an Imperial guard turning on his brethren was a fantastic idea from writers Mike Richardson and Randy Stradley, and Carnor Jax was a complex villain you loved to hate. One of the coolest aspects of the Crimson Empire series was seeing the red-robed Imperial guards in action, not just standing still as we see them in Return of the Jedi, but rather engaging in furious hand to hand combat. It wasn’t like anything Star Wars fans had seen before. So I love seeing this important piece of Star Wars publishing history come to life in this wonderfully-detailed action figure.”

“This Black Series Carnor Jax figure is actually an update to our previously released Black Series Imperial Royal Guard figure,” says Franer. “In the films we never see the Imperial guards without their cloak, so we based the figure’s undersuit on Carnor Jax’s outfit. Now, it’s worked out great to make this update and create this Carnor Jax Black Series figure. He comes with brand new soft goods which feature a striking purple on the interior of the cloak and his iconic double ended vibroblade. We also wanted to pay homage to the cover art for this collection, so we tried to recreate that look as closely as possible for this figure.”






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