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Inspired by the comic book adaptation (written by Mike Baron and illustrated by Olivier Vatine) of Timothy Zahn’s seminal novel, this Luke Skywalker figure depicts the Jedi five years after the events of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. “This is an opportunity to have a Luke action figure in a time period that he hasn’t appeared in as an action figure before, so that’s a real landmark for me both as a member of Lucasfilm Publishing and as a Star Wars fan,” says Heddle. “This is the Luke we met in our mind’s eye in 1991, and seeing it brings me right back to that exciting time. He’s an emblem of the decades-long Star Wars publishing legacy.”

In addition to his lightsaber, Luke comes packed with a ysalamiri – a favorite pet of Grand Admiral Thrawn for its Force-blocking abilities. “Since the ysalamiri play such a crucial part in the trilogy, it was important to us to get that creature into the line,” says Eric Franer, associate product designer, action brands, at Hasbro.” We even sculpted the ysalamiri to fit around the neck of our recently released Black Series Archive Grand Admiral Thrawn, so collectors can pose that figure out with the ysalamiri to recreate those iconic moments from the novels and comics.”




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