Third Space

What is Third Space?

Third Space is our haven for anyone with an interest in tabletop gaming, collecting, card games and all kinds of nerdy delights.

If you are looking for somewhere to meet like-minded people, chat, play, build, paint or just have fun then Third Space is for you. We promote a welcoming environment whether you are a seasoned hobbyist or just starting out.

We have 3 simple rules;

1. make it fun
2. welcome everyone
3. don’t be a d*ck

Our focus is casual gaming built around having fun, not winning or being the most competitive, where you can learn new games or hone your skills without the worry of starting right at the bottom.

What happens at Third Space?

We’ve got a great community of gamers and collectors for everything from Star Wars Legion and X-Wing, to Warhammer 40k, Horus Heresy and card games such as Pokemon and Star Wars Unlimited. On a typical gaming evening you’ll find a whole host of different games being played, giving you plenty of opportunity to get involved or just observe, particularly if you are new to it.

We organise specific events where you can learn to play new games or take part in narrative campaigns and casual tournaments, where the majority of events are free to attend. Check out our event calendar for what’s on next.

Once you’ve been added to our group chat, everyone is free to organise meet ups, discuss new games, chat rules and all things relating to the hobby.


Become a Third Space member

Joining as a member gives you some great perks, perfect if you are a regular table top gamer.

For just £14.99 a month you’ll get free table usage at the Jedi Archives, 10% off at restaurants such as Nandos, Hubbox and Wagamamas in Brewery Square and exclusive access to events.

On top of this you’ll get early access to new releases and members-only products, early access to public events, join our members only Discord, free automatic entry into our quarterly prize draw and more!