Hot Toys are beautiful figures, an investment and there are a few different ways of buying them. So why buy from us?

Official Hot Toys Retailer

What does this mean? It means that we purchase our Hot Toys through the official Hot Toys distribution network and as result we have greater access to stock, more availability but most importantly, more protection for you. There are ‘black listed’ retailers who buy outside of the HT distribution network which means that you may not get the same level of protection should something go wrong or be wrong with the product. With us, you are completely covered as we are able to raise any issues directly with Hot Toys.

No Customs Fees

As a UK retailer we cover customs and tax charges and offer free UK postage. When you buy outside of the UK, you’ll need to factor in fluctuations in currency rates, around 25% on top for import charges and carriage costs. Plus, should anything be wrong, any returns will be more costly and time-consuming. That being said, you can make savings on some figures by buying overseas but once all is said and done, we are talking relatively small amounts. It’s also worth bearing in mind that your products are often shipped in a single layer cardboard box so the chance of damage during transit is greater. I speak with personal experience on this, buying from overseas before we stocked Hot Toys. The savings look great on the front but once you add it all together the difference was minimal (plus I was unlucky enough to have a broken antenna…)

Payment Spread

No interest. No charges. Just a simple way to spread the cost of your order. Find out more here.


We like to reward our customers so we introduced our Republic Credits rewards program; earn on each order and redeem points for discounts on your orders. Find out more here. Supporting an independent – This means more to some than it does to others but it means the world to us. When you order from us you are supporting a family-run, local business not a CEO. It’s a small thing but we are grateful to every customer who chooses to order from us.

Which ever way you decide to buy your Hot Toys figure, you’ll have a great addition to your collection and hopefully this helps explain the differences in where you order from.