For many of you, pre-ordering is the norm. “Why wouldn’t you?!?” I hear you ask. 

If you are new to collecting then the idea of pre-ordering figures might seem strange. 

Did you know that most figures are made to order? Companies like Hasbro and their distributors don’t want loads of excess products hanging around, ending up in a bargain bin somewhere. That’s why most of them get orders in advance, which get sent to the production line. 

It’s not as simple as just making 10,000 of each figure. It’s all about matching the demand. That’s why figures become so challenging to get hold in the months after release. 

So if you want the popular figures, the two most common options are; Pre-order in advance and just deal with the excitement while you wait or; Wait for someone to put them on eBay for 5x time the retail price of you weren’t quick enough!

Cody is a great example, 2013 £19.99-£24.99. eBay £100+.

We regularly update our pre-orders as soon as we get information from our suppliers, typically 6-12 months before release and we then put our orders in. 

Pre-ordering helps the whole collecting community. It lets us order enough to go around and takes out some of the guess work out of what’s the right amount. 

Particularly now, stock is hard to come by. Take Legion and Armada from Fantasy Flight Games. They’ve become incredibly popular so stock comes in and goes out really fast, sometimes they just can’t keep up with the demand. Normally, we wouldn’t offer these up for pre-order but with so few available at any one time it seems the best way to do it. 

Unfortunately delivery dates can change and sometimes we get let down by suppliers which is why we offer a full refund if you change your mind or if we can’t get hold of something. 

So, if you’ve missed out before then keep an eye on our website for our newest pre-orders and give yourself the best chance of securing those new figures! 

You can see our Black Series pre-orders here :