Bandai – 1/144 AT-AT Model Kit (Revell) + Free UK Shipping

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Build your own AT-AT for the glory of the Empire. First seen on screen in Empire Strikes Back, the famous Hoth battle scene saw AT-ATs march through the snowy landscape to crush the Rebel base with General Veers in command.

The All Terrain Armoured Transport, AT-AT for short, is a four-legged transport and combat vehicle of the Imperial Ground Forces. Due to their height of more than 20 meters and the impenetrable armour, these massive structures provide a psychological effect as well as a tactical advantage.

  • Highly detailed down to the smallest detail
  • Reproduction of legs and joints
  • Clear part for windscreen
  • Cockpit with seated pilot figures
  • Two decal options included (stickers or decals)

Especially for Star Wars experts, enthusiasts and fans the models are real collector’s products. With a detailed orientation to the originals, each model comes with a display stand or a plate to present the models in the best possible way.

Even the display stands are a complement to the individual replicas and individually adapted. To ensure that the models come close to their originals down to the smallest detail, the designers conducted extensive research on the studio models. Compromises or small errors were not allowed to occur during production.



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