Minka Lesk

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A former Cadian Whiteshield* – full name Arminka Lesk – our plucky heroine was assigned to her regiment at a young age. When the 13th Black Crusade arrived, ‘Minka’ was ordered to defend her hometown of Myrak from a Chaos assault that swiftly became a heretical deluge.

Her life has been a series of terrible trials – desperately battling the Archenemy, watching as countless comrades died, and witnessing Cadia itself crack after Abaddon dropped a Blackstone Fortress on it. Through grim determination and a touch of divine luck, Sergeant Lesk lives to fight another day.

The model has options for a lasgun to join your Cadian Shock Troops, or a bolt pistol and a power sword if you’d rather field her as part of a Cadian Command Squad. She has two heads, too – including her trademark bandana from the cover of Cadian Honour.


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