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Become a Jedi with this xenopixel saber! Chose blade colour, sound effects, ignition effects and enjoy the sensitive smooth swing feature plus blaster deflection and clash sound effects.

Made from strong, precision-machined aluminium alloy, this Xenopixel saber is bright, durable and has a tonne of features;

  • 50w RGB Strip in the polycarbonate blade makes this version super-bright – the blade is also 3mm thick to protect the strip
  • Bluetooth enabled and fully controlled via smart phone app
  • Powerful 3600mAh 18650 3.7v safety-protected battery
  • Multiple blade effects – Steady, Pulse, Candy Blade, Unstable and Fire Blade
  • Motion Controls include Quick Stab to turn Saber on/off, Quick Twist down to change font, Quick twist up to play music
  • SD card to add custom sound fonts and carry out firmware updates
  • 34 sets of sound fonts are pre-loaded which are also customizable via the SD card
  • The adjustable sound plays through a high quality 2-3 watt 4/8ohm speaker
  • Volume adjustments – Mute, Low and High

What’s in the box;

  • Hilt with SD card
  • 7/8 Polycarbonate Blade
  • 3600mAh 3.7v Battery
  • Display Stand and Blade Plug
  • 5v USB Charging Cable
  • SD Card Reader (Xenopixel Only)
  • Grub Screws and Allen Key
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Details (12 month manufacturers warranty)


When you get your new saber, please make sure you put it on charge straight away. While it is charging have a read of the instructions. It’s going to take a few tries to get used to all the features via the control button but when you do it is easy.

You mustn’t let the battery fully discharge so our advice is to charge the saber when it says low battery or if you haven’t used it in a while.

Use only the included cable with 5v1a USB or 5v Wall charger. Failure to follow this instruction can result in damaged electronics.

Whilst the blades are durable, we recommend light duelling with these.




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