Why us?

The Jedi Archives started because we felt that there wasn’t enough out there in the retail space, catering specifically for collectors. Sure, there are plenty of auctions for Star Wars collectables but we wanted a safe, reliable place where collectors can buy from collectors who share their passion for all things Star Wars. Most importantly, we want you to be sure that you are buying the genuine article, not a cheap reproduction.

We wanted to offer transparency and fairness to make sure that you are confident in using us to add to your collection.

Our mission is to make collecting Star Wars collectables as easy, accessible and fair to all of our customers.

As Collectors

Where to start? Well, we’ve been Star Wars fans since childhood and if anything we’ve become even bigger children as the years have gone on, rather than doing grown up things!

Our collection started with just a couple of figures, bought on a whim, this was just the opening of a huge can of worms! The office quickly became a glorified display cabinet with miniatures, actions figures, Lego starships and more with actual working space disappearing beneath the ever expanding collection.

Being collectors ourselves, we’ve spent hours searching, buying and trying different display options, stands, lighting and storage so we’ve got a good idea of what works, which we can offer to you.

We hope you find what you are looking for and look forward to helping you grow your collections!

For Collectors, By Collectors

Every product is chosen as if it was going into our collection

New and Graded Items

Unique, rare and graded items as well as a great stock of new products.

Collector Tips

Visit our blog where we share our experiences and latest news and information.

News and Updates

Our blog has news and updates as well as upcoming products and sometimes we just talk about Star Wars!

Online Store and Account

Our easy to use website makes buying, checking orders or changing your details quick and easy.

Online Support

If you have question about a product or something you'd like to find then just drop us an email.

Reducing our Plastic Packaging

Every Jedi knows how important balance is. Only Sith deal in ultimatums.

In the past, we’ve used masses of bubble-wrap, plastic bags, tape and polystyrene – most of which just ends up in the bin and ultimately in the ground.

Well, we wanted to do something about it so we’ve gradually been making the switch to recyclable and sustainable packaging options. As of January 2021, we will no longer be purchasing any plastic packaging items and as of June 2021, we aim to have removed all non-sustainable packing from our shipments.

We can’t do much about the plastic figures, or packaging used by manufacturers but we can do our bit.

What will this change for you?

You’ll start to see us replacing our plastic bubble wrap with paper, plastic tape with paper and plastic bags with biodegradable versions.

We’ll still make sure your items are packed safely and securely so they arrive in top condition. We’ll continue to re-use packing send from our suppliers where possible but we won’t be adding more fuel to the fire!

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