The Detolf glass cabinets from Ikea are undoubtedly the most popular choice for displaying your Black Series, Hot Toys, X-wing and more. They are affordable and pretty sturdy. But they do look a bit plain!

That’s why we’ve developed our perfectly sized plastifoam backdrops to add some ‘wow!’ to your displays;

  • High quality vinyl print
  • Textured finish
  • 3mm flexible plastic
  • Magnetic fixings to attach onto Detolf frame
  • No bubbling or peeling
  • Scratch/fade resistant and waterproof
  • easy to use/move/change as required
  • Designed to fit the Ikea Detolf cabinets

Here are some of the standard ones available to order;

And here are some of the custom pieces we’ve put together on request;

If you’ve got a display area that needs some colour to really show off your collection then get in touch!