This seems to be a common question, especially in regards to Hot Toys and other items that are often imported from overseas or outside of the UK.

Worth noting that when you buy from us, our prices include taxes and, if you are buying a Hot Toys figures, includes UK shipping so the price on screen is what you pay. Plus, you can register for an account and earn 3% back in our Republic Credits reward program!

Please note that this is not legal advice, and we are not responsible for any incorrect information, this is just us sharing our experience. If you want specific advice then we recommend you visit the .gov website for specifics.

Historically, import taxes have been hit and miss – you may get away without paying them. However, since leaving the EU, Customs have focussed heavily on this, either by closer inspection or by asking companies to charge tax at source (eBay and AliExpress now do this). If you are charged at source then you do not (usually) have to pay import duties. Note that we are only talking about action figures and the like.

Did we mention that this is not legal advice?

What are import fees?

UK businesses are required to pay VAT on sales which companies based outside of the UK do not. This means that the VAT must be paid when the item enters the UK – usually by you!

A simple equation to use is;

(Value of the goods (GBP) + Shipping/Insurance) = Pre tax total

Pre Tax total x 120% = Post tax total

Post Tax total + Handling Fee (different per courier) = Total to Pay

So, with numbers thrown in;

Figure purchased for £250 with £30 shipping & Insurance

£250 + £30 = £280

£280 x 120% = £336

£336 + £12 (average fee) = £348

Total cost = £348

Figure and Shipping = £280

Taxes = £68

Bear in mind that you should also take into account fluctuations in FX (foreign exchange) rates as these may impact the final amount you pay!

Did we mention that this is not legal advice?