Have a look below at the latest delivery info for Hot Toys pre orders.

We’ve added dates where we have them or the month we expect them in. We should have more dates in August and will continue to keep you updated.

If there’s anything you need then just reach out by email, socials or phone!

Sideshow R2-D2 Deluxe

Sideshow Mythos Boba

Darth Maul
3-8th August

Jango Fett
3-8th August Order Now

Assault Tank Commander
1-7th September Order Now

Scout Trooper
October Order Now

Scout Trooper and Bike
October Wait List

Anakin Skywalker
Order Now

Anakin & STAP
September/October Order Now

Boba Fett
September/October Order Now

Anakin (Animated)
September/October Order Now

Kenobi (Animated)
September/October Order Now

Boba Fett DLX
October Order Now

Ahsoka Tano

We suspect something has happened during production of Ahsoka as she’s been put back behind behind other figures announced after she was. But…she’ll be worth the wait!