The Ahsoka series was largely accepted by the SW community as a huge success, with the introduction of so many fan favourites from Legends and Rebels appearing in live-action including Grand Admiral Thrawn, Hera Syndulla, Sabine Wren and Huyang. The flashbacks with Anakin in episode 5 were probably some of the coolest scenes to come out of Disney in 2023.

Hot Toys haven’t failed to deliver either, with some amazing releases, let’s take a look.

Sabine Wren

The collectible figure features a newly developed head sculpt with incredible likeness, a meticulously crafted Mandalorian helmet and armor with unique paint applications, a form-fitting under-suit, a lightsaber, a pair of blasters, an LED light-up Ezra Bridger’s lightsaber, the adorable loth-cat, Ezra Bridger hologram miniature and a themed display stand!

Hera Syndulla

The greatly detailed collectible figure is specially crafted with authentic styling featuring a skillfully crafted head sculpt with separate rolling eyeball system and articulated lekku, specialized body to portray Hera Syndulla’s physique, finely tailored outfit and jacket with embroidery design, a blaster, an utility bag with tools, a tracking device, a communicator and a display base!

Grand Admiral Thrawn

The highly-accurate collectible figure features a brand new head sculpt with stunning likeness and separately rolling eyeballs to adjust eyesight, specially tailored Imperial uniform with fine details, a blaster, a datapad, a hologram, and a display base!
Prepare for the arrival of the Grand Admiral into your Star Wars™ collection!
Captain Rex
The highly-accurate collectible sixth-scale figure features detailed recreation of Rex’s distinctive Clone Trooper armour and helmet with amazing paint applications, interchangeable Clone Trooper Phase 1 and Phase 2 armour parts and pauldrons, Rex’s signature dual blaster pistols as well as a blaster rifle, a thermal detonator, and a newly designed sand theme figure base!
Ahsoka (Padawan) and in White Suit
The Ahsoka Tano™ collectible figure feature a newly developed head sculpt with articulated lekku and separate rolling eyeballs to adjust the eyesight, a skillfully tailored outfit, a lightsaber™, a pair of goggles and a sand themed display base!
The highly-accurate Star Wars collectible figure includes 2 interchangeable face sculpts feature different expressions meticulously crafted with striking likeness and articulated lekku, specialized articulation to portray her warrior abilities, stunningly tailoring of her new outfit, a pair of lightsabers, a cloak, and a display base!